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United Tech Ops/Ground Employees - We can help make sense of your options.

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United Airlines is changing the rules once again. Aviation Retirement Strategies is offering COMPLIMENTARY furlough and economic impact assistance to those United employees affected by the 2020 airline restructuring. We will begin offering complimentary transition and economic impact guidance to those affected, system-wide.

As an official adviser on your Fidelity 401(k), we have also implemented a new program for those affected, offering transition assistance and retirement cash-flow planning. Questions about the CARP? We can help with the right options for you and your family.

These are unprecedented times in our industry and will also be life-changing for many of us. Although I am the President of Aviation Retirement Strategies today, I founded this company 16 years ago to help those affected by the difficult situation that airline employees faced then. Personally, I resigned my seniority number to build this firm specifically to serve our airline family.

At ARS we fully understand the effects and ramifications that the plan announced by United this week will have on the you and your family. We have been there and understand this is a time to stand together and lift each other in any way we can. Holistic financial strategies are crucial for such life-changing events, whether you are facing a reduced income or furlough.

Its not just about investment. Its about making your benefits and the investment world work for you.

Alex A. Tapia, AIF - President & Retirement Wealth Planner

Aviation Retirement Strategies, LLC.

Let’s work through this together. Call 281-272-2229 for details (KIAH).

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