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Customized Strategies To Pursue Your Retirement Goals

Wealth Management Overview

Comprehensive Wealth Management is our primary function at Aviation Retirement Strategies, LLC. As Pilots, we have much in common, but once we shut the engines down at the end of our trips, we each lead unique and varied lives. We structure the portfolios of each Pilot to coincide with their goals and priorities and develop customized strategies to fit their long and short-term objectives. Comprehensive Wealth Management at Aviation Retirement Strategies, LLC., also focuses on three key areas, each crucial to helping a longterm retirement strategy come to fruition for Pilots:

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Pilot Wealth Accumulation

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Pilot Wealth Transfer at Death

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Pilot Wealth Distribution During Retirement


Each portfolio is managed independently and we do not group any of our client’s funds together.


Pilot Wealth Accumulation

We understand the needs of Pilots, and our extensive expertise in helping Pilots create and build wealth enables us to anticipate their needs and proactively offer valuable consultation at critical junctures. From exercising stock options to making crucial decisions on how to invest retirement benefits, we can show you ways you can optimize opportunities and help you pursue your goals for financial growth.


Our investment management is ongoing and adapts to you, always keeping a clear focus on your intended goals.

This strategy includes:

Each portfolio is uniquely guided by your individual Retirement Wealth Plan, taking into account all assets and providing a comprehensive investment approach.

Considering your risk tolerance and investment profile, we will recommend securities, buy and sell them, and continually monitor their performance throughout the investment cycle.

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Requirements for meeting your objectives

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Analysis of existing portfolios

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Establishment and assessment of financial goals


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Investment recommendations

“Efficient Frontier” Asset Allocation Strategies

Each Pilot’s portfolio adheres to the “Modern Portfolio Theory” developed by Nobel Prize-winning economist Harry Markowitz, which uses sophisticated statistical analysis to construct an “Efficient Frontier” of optimal portfolios offering the maximum possible expected return for a given level of risk.

Efficient Frontier

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Annualized Return

Risk (Annualized Standard Division)

Sources Ibbotson Associates. Bonds represented by Long-Term Government Bonds. Stocks represented by S&P 500. Based on montly data. Indexes are unmanaged and cannot be invested in directly. Past performance is no guarantee on future results.

Standard deviation is a historical measure of the variability of returns relative to the average annual return. If a portfolio has a high standard deviation, its returns have been volatile. A low standard deviation indicates returns have been less volatile. The chart is hypothetical and does not represent any strategy or investment.

Wealth Accumulation

Pilot Wealth Distribution

Having worked in the airline industry for almost two decades, we understand many of the personal goals Pilots have for their wealth.

Ranging from a predictable retirement to funding education goals for grandchildren through tax-favorable gifting—we employ a variety of planning techniques to help Pilots and their families work towards these very personal goals.

We help Pilots plan for the distribution of wealth during retirement in the most tax-advantaged and portfolio-efficient way possible.

Providing Income During Retirement

While most Pilots understand the importance of saving for retirement, the need for Distribution Planning is much less understood. Because retiring Pilots face many risks to their financial security, proper planning is needed to manage those risks and help assets last throughout retirement.

Whether you are thinking about retirement or are already retired, one of the most important considerations of your Retirement Wealth Plan should be how income will be generated for the foreseeable future and beyond.

Several strategies are incorporated into each Retirement Wealth Plan to address consistent income generation to help address your annual income needs. The selection of specific income-producing investments begins with a thorough review of your tax situation.

Taxes play an important role in determining when and how much income should be taken in the form of distributions from 401(k) plans and other Individual Retirement Accounts.

Other Income-Producing Vehicles

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Systematic withdrawals from equity portfolios


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Any combination of the above

Distribution Planning is a crucial part of all comprehensive Retirement Wealth Plans that Aviation Retirement Strategies, LLC., creates for each Pilot and his or her family.

From an overall portfolio efficiency standpoint, we will implement a comprehensive distribution strategy that seeks to minimize the performance fluctuations of your customized investment portfolio.


Investing involves risk including loss of principal, fluctuating prices, and the uncertainty of dividends. Annuity guarantees are subject to the claims-paying ability of the issuing company.


Distributions from qualified retirement plans may be subject to income taxes, and if made prior to age 59 1/2, a penalty tax may apply.


No strategy or plan assures success or protects against loss.

Wealth Distribution

Pilot Wealth Transfer at Death

We help Pilots plan for the distribution of their wealth, at death, in the most tax-advantageous way possible. We recognize the significant risks associated with wealth transfer at death—from confiscatory tax policies to the asset value loss of estate taxation, to the consequence of providing too much wealth to heirs who are not yet ready for the responsibility that comes along with it. We work closely with Pilots throughout their lifetimes and across multiple generations. All services we provide extend to family members and provide a variety of services to help Pilots minimize the impact of taxes and pursue their personal goals for their families, outside businesses, and even their philanthropic interests.

Estate Planning is an equally crucial part of any Retirement Wealth Plan. Therefore, Aviation Retirement Strategies, LLC., provides full-service Estate Planning at competitive costs.

In addition, we will ensure that all of your assets are titled according to your Estate Plan to facilitate the proper transfer of your assets, in keeping with your wishes.


LPL Financial and Aviation Retirement Strategies, LLC representatives do not offer tax or legal advice or services. We suggest that you discuss your specific situation with a qualified tax or legal advisor.

Wealth Transfer at Death
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