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Wealth Planning Overview

From our experience in working with Pilots and their families, we have found that the majority of aviation families have not relied on a properly executed Retirement Wealth Plan to prepare themselves for retirement. In addition, we have also found that many of their respective financial firms have not placed an emphasis on the distribution and wealth transfer stages of retirement.

A Retirement Wealth Plan should be tax-efficient, provide a hedge against inflation and accommodate planned or unplanned needs.

Demographic trends show that the distribution and wealth transfer stages present the greatest challenge for retiring Pilots, especially those born between 1943 and 1960, who are on the cusp of entering the distribution phase.

Retirement Wealth Planning is a lifelong endeavor and should be part of every phase of a Pilot’s financial life cycle.

Accumulation, Preservation, Distribution, and Wealth Transfer are crucial parts of every Retirement Wealth Plan completed and delivered to each Pilot working with Aviation Retirement Strategies, LLC.

In addition, every plan delivered to each Pilot is submitted for compliance approval and reviewed for accuracy to meet the strict regulatory standards set forth by U.S. financial regulatory agencies.

The types of wealth plans we deliver to Pilots are strictly dependent on the needs of the individual Pilot and his or her family. Since each Pilot has a unique set of circumstances, their needs vary considerably. As a full-service Retirement Wealth Planning firm, Aviation Retirement Strategies, LLC., has the ability to accommodate the needs of every Pilot, regardless of individual circumstance. Our powerful financial planning software can accommodate all Pilots by providing both Goal-Based and Cash-Flow Based platforms.


Goal-Based Retirement Wealth Plans

A Goal-Based Retirement Wealth Plan begins by identifying your financial life phase and, most important, the aspirations you have for yourself and your family. The overall context of your current financial circumstance is considered, along with your risk tolerance and investment style. These plans are complimentary to retiring Pilots.

The majority of the Retirement Wealth Plans that we provide for Pilots are Goal-Based.

Once the planning work is completed, Aviation Retirement Strategies, LLC., will provide you with all the options available to you and your family for addressing your stated goals in a cost-effective and tax-efficient manner. Additionally, since we are an independent company, the guidance we provide is completely objective and non-proprietary.

Cash-Flow Based Retirement Wealth Plans

As a private wealth management firm, some of the Pilots for whom we provide guidance have more complicated and sophisticated needs that go beyond Goal-Based planning.

For these individuals, we employ sophisticated cash-flow software designed to be used on complex, high net-worth cases. Our software will illustrate complex estate planning strategies and can illustrate stock options planning.

Our innovative software enables detailed planning analysis and comprehensive treatment of incomes, expenses, assets, and liabilities, and federal and state taxes.

Goal-Based Retirement
Cash-Flow Retirement
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Should I upgrade to the left seat?


PlaneBulletGold Small (1).png

Should I give up relative seniority by moving to larger equipment with the possibility of sitting reserve - out of base?


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Should I contribute to a Roth 401(k) or make regular, after-tax contributions?


PlaneBulletGold Small (1).png

How should we pay for college?


PlaneBulletGold Small (1).png

Should I retire at 60, 62, or 65? How will this affect Social Security?


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What should I do with my spouse's old 401(k), and what investments should I choose in mine?


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What if I get furloughed?




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What about long-term care?             


Consultative Financial Planning

There are many instances in a Pilot's career when difficult financial decisions have to be made.

These questions are best answered in a Consultative Financial Planning Meeting. As a value-added benefit to our active clients, this type of advice is included in our service. For our prospective clients, we offer these services in a consultative meeting format.

Protecting and Preserving Wealth

Because our company is specifically structured around Airline Pilots, we are accustomed to helping Pilots anticipate the risks associated with retiring from a legacy carrier. Frequently we see the following financial losses in a Pilot’s portfolio due to improper management:

Aviation Retirement Strategies, LLC., brings a variety of resources to the task of seeking to protect and preserve wealth, such as Investment Management Services, Equity Hedging, Monetization Programs, Career Succession, and Estate Planning.

No strategy or plan assures success or protects against loss.

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Poor diversification of assets

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Sudden or dramatic economic changes, such as rising oil prices and unexpected geopolitical events

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Heavy concentration in a single asset, such as stocks or options

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Sudden illness or premature death and the financial burden it places on loved ones

Protecting and Preserving Wealth
Consultative Finanical Planning
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