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Helping Professional Pilots Retire Since 2004


401(K) Management | Distribution Strategies | Private Wealth Management


Conveniently located at the IAH airport at Atlantic Aviation


5 minutes from terminals 


Private car service provided for fly-ins


Call to schedule your complimentary Retirement Plan evaluation

(281) 272-2229


Our Services

Customized Solutions for your Retirement Assets


The types of wealth plans that we deliver to Pilot's are strictly dependent on the needs of the individual pilot and their family. 

Wealth Planning

We structure portfolios to coincide with your goals and priorities, and develop customized strategies to fit your short and long-term goals

Wealth Management

Although primarily fee-based, we have virtually no limits on the types of investment platforms available.

Investment Platforms
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We specialize in helping our clients create Estate Plans that are designed to work toward the objectives they have for their loved ones and future generations.

Estate Planning

Getting Started

Our goal-oriented process follows the following comprehensive four-step approach.

Step 1: 



Discover Your Goals And Objectives.

Together we will work to determine your customized financial strategy, taking into consideration the following:

Investment goals

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Time horizon

PlaneBulletGold Small (1).png

Tax considerations

PlaneBulletGold Small (1).png

Retirement dreams

PlaneBulletGold Small (1).png

Charitable giving

PlaneBulletGold Small (1).png

Risk tolerance

PlaneBulletGold Small (1).png

Performance expectations

PlaneBulletGold Small (1).png

Liquidity requirements

PlaneBulletGold Small (1).png

Current investments

PlaneBulletGold Small (1).png

Creating a legacy

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Step 2: 



Recommend Your Investment Strategy. Accessing the expertise of experience research strategist, we will identify the most appropriate investment strategies, by taking into account the following considerations:

Asset allocation models

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PlaneBulletGold Small (1).png

Investment types

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Investment managers

PlaneBulletGold Small (1).png

Risk/reward characteristics of asset classes

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Step 3: 



Implement Your Portfolio.

Next, we will begin building a portfolio of investment vehicles designed with a goal to address your specific needs. This process includes the following action items:

Set realistic expectations

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Transition existing securities

PlaneBulletGold Small (1).png

Determine types of ownership and beneficiaries

PlaneBulletGold Small (1).png

Discuss source of funds

PlaneBulletGold Small (1).png

Complete and sign all paperwork

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Step 4: 



Review and Manage Your Portfolio.

Once your investments are in place, the process of reviewing and managing your portfolio begins, which includes:

Regular meetings and discussions

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Active ongoing portfolio reviews

PlaneBulletGold Small (1).png

Periodic re-examination of your investment strategy

PlaneBulletGold Small (1).png

Re-balancing decisions

PlaneBulletGold Small (1).png

Consolidated quarterly performance reports

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Getting Started Resources

Getting Started Resources

How do I get from the cockpit to the beach?

Retirement Process Checklist

Answer the questions you have about retirement such as How much do we spend?

Fact Finder Worksheet

Do you know where you assets will go after you expire?

Estate Planning Worksheet

What type of investments should we be doing?

Risk Tolerance Worksheet

"I manage my own accounts - but would like ARS in my corner"

Consulting Services Agreement

How much will I spend on health care in retirement?

Healthcare Cost Assessment
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Helping fellow pilots retire in these difficult times that we face today is a rewarding challenge we are ready to face every day.


Alex A. Tapia, AIF®,

President & Retirement Wealth Planner

Your Dedicated ARS Team

All of us at Aviation Retirement Strategies, LLC want to build a professional relationship with you based on trust and outstanding service.

President & Retirement Wealth Planner
Alex A. Tapia, AIF®
Andrew N. Oak
Executive Vice President/Operations
Website Headshot_edited.jpg
Blake Lagarde
Website Headshot.png
Austin Sutton
Operations Manager

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